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What is virtual football?

Virtual football is a type of gambling game that is particularly popular in Europe. It was popularized here by betting offices like bet365 or 1xbet. In fact, every major betting shop in Europe provides virtual football these days.
The key feature of virtual football is that it is football in a virtual environment. It is not a real game with live players. Instead, it resembles a computer game in which virtual players compete against each other.
Matches usually take place continuously, so you don't have to wait long for a game to start. The graphics of virtual football have greatly improved in recent years, making the game more and more reminiscent of real football matches.

Why is virtual football popular?

What attracts players to virtual s also don't last long - you don't have to watch the entire 90 minutes, as the game takes about 4-6 minutes and you will see only highlights (shots on goal and goals). What are the disadvantages of virtual football? Some people may not like this format because the game is controlled by algorithms. Matches can only be watched on a computer or phone screen. You cannot go to the stadium and support your favorite team.

What are the drawbacks of virtual football?

This format may not work for everybody as the game is algorithm-driven. The match can also be watched only on a computer screen or mobile phone. You can't go to the stadium and support your favourite team.