Soccer ball on the right and a mobile phone on the left, displaying a soccer stadium on its screen. Both placed on the grass of a vast soccer stadium.

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What is virtual football?

Virtual football is a type of gambling game that is particularly popular in Europe. It was popularized here by betting offices like bet365 or 1xbet. In fact, every major betting shop in Europe provides virtual football these days.
The key feature of virtual football is that it is football in a virtual environment. It is not a real game with live players. Instead, it resembles a computer game in which virtual players compete against each other.
Matches usually take place continuously, so you don't have to wait long for a game to start. The graphics of virtual football have greatly improved in recent years, making the game more and more reminiscent of real football matches.

Why is virtual football popular?

What attracts players to virtual s also don't last long - you don't have to watch the entire 90 minutes, as the game takes about 4-6 minutes and you will see only highlights (shots on goal and goals). What are the disadvantages of virtual football? Some people may not like this format because the game is controlled by algorithms. Matches can only be watched on a computer or phone screen. You cannot go to the stadium and support your favorite team.

What are the drawbacks of virtual football?

This format may not work for everybody as the game is algorithm-driven. The match can also be watched only on a computer screen or mobile phone. You can't go to the stadium and support your favourite team.

What can you bet on in virtual football?

This game format offers the following types of bets:
  • Bet on the winning team

    Players can bet on which team will win the entire match. Betting options include the home team, the away team, and a draw.

  • Half-time bet

    Players can also bet on the outcome of the first half. The options are the home team, the away team, and a draw.

  • Number of goals

    Bets on the number of goals scored in the match are also popular. The most common option is the over/under on 2.5 goals. This means that a player can bet on whether there will be three or more goals in the match, or none, one, or two goals in the second option.

  • NOTE:

    These are the most popular types of bets. Some betting offices offer other types of bets as well. It is possible to bet on the exact score of the match, whether both teams will score, or which team will score first. Some betting offices also offer Asian handicap.

Which leagues and competitions does virtual football cover?

Virtual football may be virtual, but to make it interesting for players, you can bet on teams and competitions that have similar names or are named similarly to those in the real world. Therefore, you can bet on teams like.

English League

Chelsea, United, West Ham, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester Reds, and others

Spanish League

Barcelona, Valencia, Villarreal, Getafe, Granada, Levante, and others

French League

Paris, Dijon, Rennes, Lille, Monaco, Reims, and others

German League

FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, FC Schalke 04, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha Berlin, SV Werder Bremen, and others

Italian League

Turin, Verona, Florence, Bologna, Parma, Udinese, and others

These are the most popular types of bets. Some betting shops also offer other ways to bet. You can bet, for example, on the exact score of the match, if both teams will score, or which team will score first. You can also bet on who will be the first goal scorer. Some betting shops also have an Asian handicap on offer.

Which companies create virtual football?

Several technology companies operate virtual football, and then their solutions are offered through betting offices. Here is an overview of the biggest ones:

A world leader in betting solutions. Their virtual football offers the English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French leagues, as well as several other competitions, including international tournaments. Their solution has a user-friendly interface and nice graphics.

This company is also a major player in the field. Their virtual football offers advanced graphics and a user-friendly interface. In 2018, they also added penalty kicks to their solution, so players can bet not only on matches but also on penalty shootouts.

While not as big and well-known as the previous two, their solution offers really good design, rich in detailed textures and graphic features. This company won the EGR award for the best provider of virtual sports in 2022.

Four rules for betting on virtual football


Don't fall for scammers' tips

There are entities on the market trying to sell tips and analyses for virtual football. It's always a scam. The results of virtual football cannot be predicted. The game is governed by computer algorithms.

Bet reasonably

Gambling is a risky area, and if you feel that it's getting out of hand, take a break. If you have a problem with gambling, block your account. There is also software available on the market that allows you to block access to betting websites.

Find a format that suits you

Some people enjoy betting on the overall outcome of the match, while others like to predict the number of goals or the halftime score. Find a format that you enjoy the most. Also, consider the advantages of each type of bet and the RTP (return to player). It's also a good idea to find your favorite competition - some people may prefer football leagues, while others may enjoy formats like the World Cup.

Try multiple providers

There are several companies developing technical solutions for virtual football. Betting offices usually offer several such solutions. Users should try out which solution is right for them and which one suits them best. This includes graphics, user interface, and even sound of the game.

How big is the market for virtual football?

Statistics on virtual football are difficult to find, but looking at the entire virtual sports segment can give us a good idea. According to a study by SkyQuest, the virtual sports market is expected to reach $35.53 billion by 2030. This corresponds to an annual growth rate of 17.3% between 2022 and 2030. The regions expected to see the most significant growth are North America and Asia. The main reasons for the expected growth in virtual sports betting are increasing accessibility for users and constant improvement in the technical design and graphics of virtual sports. Virtual football is the most popular sport among all virtual sports.

Other virtual sports

Virtual sports are not limited to virtual football. There are also other sports and competitions available on the market. Generally, if a sport is popular in the real world, there is likely to be a virtual version of it. The most popular virtual sports include.
  • Tennis

    In singles format. RTP is around 90-92%

  • Basketball

    A popular American sport. RTP varies from 83% to 94%

  • Hockey

    RTP information is not available

  • Baseball

    RTP information is not available

  • Horse racing

    A very popular betting sport. RTP is around 85-92%

  • Greyhound racing

    RTP is around 85-91%

  • Cricket

    A popular Indian sport. RTP is around 94%

  • Cycling races

    RTP ranges from 88 to 94%

  • Motorcycle races

    RTP ranges from 89 to 92%

  • NASCAR races

    A popular racing sport, especially among American audiences. RTP ranges from 85 to 92%

In addition to these sports, there are also special formats, such as ice hockey shootouts, where two teams compete against each other, and each team has three attempts at shooting penalties. The selection is extensive, and if you get bored with virtual football, don't hesitate to try out another sport. The format is usually similar to virtual football - fast-paced games and graphics that try to closely resemble the real world.